The Jem Project at Anime North 2002

Picture by Kevin Lillard

          Needless to say, I was very surprised at how wonderfully Jem and The Holograms were received and I was very pleased.

          After a small delay at the border we arrived at our hotel around 4 on Thursday.  Karol and I unpacked while I got into contact with my other Holograms and the con personnel.  Once we got settled, we went digging for food.  We ended up downtown, took a brief stroll through the Eaton Centre (a real store!) and stopped by Popeyes because he was curious on how the food was. :)



          The next day was nothing but running around and getting our show together. Nikki and Amy arrived that day, and we quickly got into costume.  Though we were not completely ready by the time we had to get our passes, people still wanted our pictures taken.  Then rushing back to get the makeup and wigs ready was a great chore.  We hopped over to the main auditorium to reherse, and that was our first time to actually do the songs.  We ran through the songs as fast as we could before the next group of people needed to try out the stage.  A few times we ended up nailing our high heels into the stage (the stage was made up of raised panels, sort of like dancing on tables) which we found rather funny, but prayed that we didn't do that in front of people.  After that, the girls did their volunteer work while I wandered around and had some more pictures taken.  It was near showtime that I brought down our guitars and recording equipment.  We were all very nervous, and then we were told we would be the opening act for The Red and White Show because they had problems with the A/V equipment (all the other acts were on tape, ours were on CD).  Sure!  Not a problem!  (Inside I was screaming)

Pictures by Kevin Lillard

          Finally it was showtime.  Tristen Citrine introduced us, who is a huge fan of Jem, and we went on with our act.  With it being the start of the show, it wasn't a packed house as I hoped it would be, but the cheering made up for that.  :)  We also got final bows with Sailor Jamboree, contestants, the always impressive Karate sensei and his students, an incredible teen singing talent, and the hosts of Anime North.  We went over big with the croud.  More photos, more meeting with fans, and then I had to run to my next function, which was being a part of a panel.

          I was part of three panels this year.  Actually this was my first year of doing panels at conventions so I was rather nervous.  The first panel was "Cosplay for Adults", so I wasn't sure what to expect.  There was no listing about who would be their either.  To my surprise I found a cosplay friend of mine, Derwin Mak, there, so I had a familiar and friendly face to talk with. Tristen and her friend Honey-chan came in late because they had to change costumes. :) It was a rather quiet panel, but I tried to get through people's questions as best as I could. *whew!*  I got some time in to talk with Tristen, and I think *I hope!* I've made a great friend through our love of Jem.

          After trying to sleep, I had to get up early to run to my next panel, "When Saturday Mornings Didn't Suck".  I quickly got back into my Jem costume and ran down to the conference room.  I got to share table space with Steve Bennett ("Studio Ironcat")!  We still didn't know who was to be in our panel so we started and a few minutes in an old friend of mine, Sal Monaco, showed up.  I did as best as I could there, as they remember more of the Saturdays than I do (that wasn't an insult, guys!)

          At one, I had my very own panel on Jem.  Wow, I did not expect to see that many people there, and I really didn't expect them to be so intense over Jem as I was!  It was so beautiful!  I talked about the Jem Project, revealed some of our projects, and talked about the series.  Once we got our A/V equipment I aired the rare and hard to find commercials of the Jem dolls and products.  At the end everyone grabbed fliers and snapped more photos of Jem and The Holograms.

          Afterwards, I had to change into my next costume, but it wasn't Jem related.  My friends and I changed into Sailor Senshi (which Nikki made and looked great!) for the masquerade. After waiting till the end of the show (we were #85!!!!) we finally got on stage, did our quick routine, and got many pictures taken.  We didn't get anything and we had to wait till Sunday to find that out because the announcement room was packed with contestants and non-contestants and would not let us in.  I didn't get in until the announcements were done, even though there were people leaving the room. *fume!* It takes a lot to get me ticked off, and that was it.

"We're so THRILLED we're at the end of the show!"

What conventions do to poor Sailor Jupiter....

"He looks like my old boyfriend!"

          Sunday was very low key.  I dressed in jeans and my favorite Jem (anime version) shirt and went to find my friends to say goodbye.  Despite the problems we encountered, we still put on a dang good show!  I left one flier pinned to the announcement board, written on it "See you at Toronto Trek! Love Jem & the Holograms and The Misfits!"  A final farewell and reminder that we will return with a full compliment of bands.

"Jem" without her makeup!
Several pictures provided from Linus Lam Network.

          We hope everyone that attended loved the show, and we hope to see our Toronto fans again at Toronto Trek!

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